Forgach Castle, Jelenec

Forgach Castle

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Forgách museum in Jelenec

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- 951 73 Jelenec, 78 Main street - Forgách courtyard

- Opening hours: wednesday 13 - 16 h, saturday and sunday - monday by appointment.

- Outside opening hours you can apply at: muzeum@jelenec.sk, 037 7764950, 631 3204

The one-storey Baroque castle in Ghýmes (Jelenec) was built by Bishop Paul IV. The Forgách family lived in it until the end of the Second World War, when it was used for various purposes. Count Károly Forgách III, who became famous for the introduction of the mouflon to Europe, died in the castle in 1911. There is also a small chapel in the castle, and concerts can be held in the great hall. The family had a castle on the nearby hills above Ghýmes (Jelenec), built in the 13th century and inhabited until the 19th century. Here they survived the bad (Turkish) times. After a castle was built in the village in 1722, the family was happy to live in the new castle. 

In October 2009, the Forgách family museum opened a permanent exhibition in the reconstructed part of the castle, with four rooms. This important noble family was present in the history of the Hungarian kingdom for more than eight centuries - part of which was present-day Slovakia. The rich history of the family is linked to many places in Slovakia. Soldiers, diplomats, generals or ecclesiastical dignitaries, this is the wide range of the family members' careers, whose portraits can be found here. Archaeological finds can be seen in the Ghymes Castle, the castle of Ghymes - the oldest seat of the family. In the first room there is an ethnographic (ethnographic) exhibition, known as the first room. Occasional exhibitions are held in the corridor.

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