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Forgách Castle-Hotel, Mándok

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- 4644 Mándok, 9. St. Stephans Square

- Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Mándok is located on the northeastern edge of Hungary, on the outskirts of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in Kisvárda district, near the Ukrainian border.

One of the most important noble residences of Szabolcs County, the 15,000-acre Tiszántúli Castle of the Forgách Counts was built around 1750, and thus has a history of more than two hundred and fifty years. The imposing-looking castle was built in the late Baroque style, with a sophisticated façade in keeping with the fashionable trends of the time, and later remodelled in an eclectic style. From the late 18th to the mid-20th century, it was the centre of the modern Forgách estate. The castle was built by Count Zsigmond Forgách, and the 4 hectares of gardens and their care were a matter of the countess's heart, which is why we can still admire today, among other things, the two plane trees over 200 years old, the large tulip tree, the romantic chestnut row and the black pines. The fate of the castle and its gardens after 1945 is a typical story. The greater part of the park fell victim to the construction of a football pitch. The castle became a public treasure, all its movable and built assets were damaged and stolen. Apart from its bare walls, almost nothing remains.

The current owner saved the building from ultimate destruction by building a fence and a new roof. Today, it is once again restored to its former aristocratic elegance. The owners have taken great care to restore the castle to its original state, to the atmosphere of the world of the 18th century counts. This attention was not limited to the exterior of the building itself, but also played an important role in the interior design. Today, the fully renovated and imposing building combines a magical period ambience, an upscale patina interior with modern-day premium services. A variety of stylish rooms (Superior, DeLuxe, Suite) are available to meet all your needs.

In addition to a gourmet restaurant, the hotel offers a wellness resort, a variety of pampering treatments, an outdoor swimming pool and an impressive garden inn. Guests can admire the beauty of nature while walking or cycling in the 4 hectares of shady parkland surrounding the castle. The park is perfectly landscaped with fountains and can host social events, spectacular celebrations and unforgettable weddings.


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