Neo-Gothic Esterházy Castle, Galanta

Esterházy Restaurant Wine & Coffee

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Esterházy Restaurant Wine and Coffee

- cash desk in the café

- Hlavná ul. 1006/18, 924 01 Galanta

- Visiting hours: daily from 09,00 - 20,00

We invite you to Galanta, where we would like to show you the beautiful rooms of the neo-Gothic Castle. In our charming restaurant and café you will find yourself in Renaissance, Baroque or Neo-Gothic style. With excellent food, coffee and dessert, you can admire the beautiful paintings of the Esterházy family and learn about the history of the town or about individual members of the family. In the Renaissance cellar, built in 1633, you can taste excellent wines from the heart of Europe, from the territories of the former monarchy.

The neo-Gothic Castle was built in 1633 by brothers Daniel and Pavol Esterházy. In 1736 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. It acquired its present appearance in 1861 after a radical reconstruction by Joseph Esterházy, who was inspired by Romantic English Gothic. Joseph's family was the last to live the castle and its members are buried in the chapel in the cemetery in Galanta. The south tower of the manor became the symbol of the town and the basis for the creation of the town coat of arms. The manor house is gradually being restored. Today, it offers a gallery, memorial rooms, representation rooms, a restaurant with a café and a wine bar, the exhibition "Galanta on the spiral through the centuries" and the courtyard provides the backdrop for many events and concerts.

The town of Galanta and the Esterházy family have been united for over 400 years. Today, thanks to a partnership with the private Esterházy Farms Foundation, the towns of Eisenstadt, Forchtenstein and Fertőd are reunited with Galánta, the ancestral home of the Esterházy family. We believe that on your historical journey through the history of the Esterházy family, you will visit our beautiful town, where Zoltán Kodály lived and Joseph Haydn worked.

We offer:

  • Wine tasting in the historic wine bar
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Social and corporate events
  • Wedding receptions in unique spaces
  • Historical tours

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